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360 Security



P-11 Security takes pride in offering an all-encompassing range of security services, diligently designed to safeguard critical information and facilities. Our team of highly skilled Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) collaborates closely with Program Managers, ensuring the protection of advanced technology programs throughout their entire lifecycle. These dedicated experts engage in thorough program analysis, skillfully identifying vulnerabilities and implementing strategic countermeasures that fortify and elevate program security. At the heart of their contributions are the meticulously crafted risk management-based program protection plans that ensure strict compliance with stringent security requirements.

  • Extensive Background: Expertise in acquisition programs, including Collateral, SAP, and SCI environments.

  • Client Base: Services tailored for the Department of Defense (DoD), Intelligence Agencies, Contractor Facilities, and Universities.

  • Multidisciplinary Approach: Comprehensive security analyses to ensure adherence to security policies, procedures, standards, plans, and guides.

  • Collaborative Efforts: Includes liaising with security authorities, supporting Government Program Managers, and facilitating operations at Contractor Facilities.

  • Specialized Support Functions:

    • Conducting informative briefings.

    • Overseeing the on/off-boarding of personnel.

    • Managing inventories.

    • Performing meticulous inspections.

    • Providing vital oversight

cyber security


P-11 Security takes pride in its exceptional team of Cyber Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), who occupy a critical role in providing unwavering support to specialized Cyber programs. This support is uniquely tailored with a dedicated emphasis on Unclassified, Collateral, SAP, and SCI activities within the scope of serving the Department of Defense (DoD), Intelligence Agencies, Contractor Facilities, and Universities. Our highly proficient SMEs bring a diversified skill set to the forefront, spanning the full spectrum of development, implementation, and thorough assessment of Cyber Security program policies, procedures, standards, plans, and guides.

  • Network Infrastructure Integration: Ensuring that Cyber Security remains a cornerstone in program operations through seamless integration of network infrastructures.

  • Security Processes: Conducting in-depth analyses meticulously aligned with established Cyber Security processes.

  • Assessment and Authorization (A&A) Life Cycle: Executing rigorous risk assessments and providing expert recommendations for the implementation of enhanced security measures.

  • Education and Mentorship: Leveraging expertise in threat evaluation and leadership to drive program growth and conduct security education.

  • Certifications: All Cyber SMEs hold a current DoD 8140.01 Certification, showcasing a commitment to staying at the forefront of industry standards.

  • Comprehensive Cyber Services:

    • Security Architecture

    • Security Engineering

    • Security Oversight

    • Security Support

IT services


P-11 Security provides an extensive range of customized Information Technology services designed to meet the unique operational and security needs of a wide range of organizations and programs. From collaborating with high-level Organizational Leadership to delivering direct end-user assistance, our dedicated team of IT Specialists provides day-to-day technical support spanning various classified information levels.

  • Technical Support and Infrastructure Management: Handling intricate technical challenges and providing dedicated support to end users.

  • IT Expertise: Proficient management of MS Windows and Linux network environments, internet applications, file servers, firewall configurations, and Security Monitoring Systems.

  • Proactive Compliance and Troubleshooting: Skillfully troubleshooting and preemptively addressing potential issues to maintain IT integrity and efficiency.

  • Technical Guidance: Offering insights that empower organizations to navigate complex IT landscapes with confidence.

  • Partnership Focus: Committed to ensuring the flawless operation of your organization's critical systems and networks.

  • Specialized IT Support Functions:

    • Network Management and Administration

    • Support and Maintenance

    • Security and Compliance

    • Disaster Preparedness and Recovery

    • Project and Technical Management

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