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P-11 Security's Integrated Security in Depth (SiD) Strategy

P-11 Security's Integrated Security In Depth (SID) Strategy


To establish a multifaceted, integrated security framework that capitalizes on P-11 Security's extensive expertise in 360 SECURITY, CYBER SECURITY, and INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SERVICES. Our goal is to provide unmatched protection for our clients' critical data, infrastructure, and operations.


Risk Identification and Management

Engage our SMEs from all service divisions to perform in-depth risk evaluations, pinpointing potential vulnerabilities in physical locations, digital frameworks, and procedural operations.

Craft and execute tailored risk management strategies to meet the unique requirements of the Department of Defense (DoD), Intelligence Agencies, Contractor Facilities, and academic entities.


Layered Security Defense

Physical Security: Apply sophisticated access control, surveillance, and environmental safeguards to protect physical assets.

Network and Endpoint Security: Utilize leading-edge cybersecurity technologies to ensure network and device integrity, including firewalls, intrusion detection, and endpoint security solutions.

Data and Application Security: Maintain data safety and application integrity through encryption, secure development practices, and consistent security evaluations.

Operational Security: Develop comprehensive security policies and training programs to ensure ongoing compliance, preparedness, and effective incident response capabilities.


Cyber Security and IT Convergence

Merge Cyber Security with IT solutions efforts to foster a secure yet functional technical ecosystem, guaranteeing smooth system operations while defending against cyber threats.

Employ mastery in managing MS Windows and Linux platforms, configuring technical safeguards, and deploying security monitoring to build a solid defense against online threats.


Continuous Monitoring and Evolution

Embrace a holistic security strategy through continuous monitoring, utilizing advanced technical tools to oversee all aspects of security. This approach is reinforced by recurring assessments of administrative, technical, and physical controls, ensuring swift identification and remediation of threats and vulnerabilities to the environment.

Keep pace with the latest security trends and threats, ensuring SMEs are always equipped with current certifications and insights.


Education, Training, and Empowerment

Cultivate a security-conscious culture within client organizations through comprehensive training led by our Security SMEs, underlining the critical role of security practices in preventing threats.

Initiate targeted mentorship programs to nurture in-house security advocates, boosting their proficiency in managing and mitigating security issues autonomously.


Collaborative Security Oversight

Collaborate closely with client leadership and program managers to weave SiD principles into their strategic framework, placing security at the forefront of decision-making.

Provide continuous advisory and supervisory support, ensuring security strategies stay in lockstep with organizational objectives and regulatory demands.


Incident Management and Operational Resilience

Formulate and update detailed incident response strategies for quick, efficient mitigation of security incidents' effects.

Promote operational continuity with forward-looking planning and redundancy solutions, aiming to reduce downtime and maintain business operations amidst security challenges.

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